Triva Questions

Forest Rangers Reunion

Trivia questions as presented by Mike MacDonald

Keep your own score to see how you do as well:

  1. What is the word for "bear" in the Ojibway language?
    Answer by Chris Boyer.
  2. What was the name of the other fire tower that George used to get cross bearings from after Pike Tower called in a reading to headquarters?
    Answer by Tom Nourry.
  3. Name one of the mines located near Indian River?
    Answer by Barry Zbar.
  4. Who runs the general store in Indian River?
    Answer by Liz Stewart.
  5. Who was the last junior ranger to join?
    Answer by RJ Falconi.
  6. What was "His Majesty- The King"?
    Answer by Chris Charland
  7. Who killed the elephant back in the bush?
    Answer by David Gibb.
  8. Where was the exact location of the fire tower that Joe Two Rivers climbed to nab Finnigan's murderer?
    Answer by RJ Falconi.
  9. What was the name of the rapids that ran back in the bush?
    Answer by Justin Jones.






  1. Mukwa.   Top





  3. McKinley Tower.   Top





  5. Esmi, Indian River, Mammoth, Golden Crown, Pitfall.   Top





  7. Mr. Cooper, Potter or Johnson.   Top





  9. Ted.   Top





  11. A moose.   Top





  13. Mcleod.   Top





  15. North Bay (Widdifield Tower).   Top





  17. Dead Man Rapids.   Top





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